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Experience Your Data


21 августа 2018

  • The Enterprise Platform
  • Design and Control Your full Data Manufacturing Process in a Real Time


21 августа 2018

  • Infinite Scalability
  • Next Generation Technology Architecture governed by Data Quality Principles 


21 августа 2018

  • For Clean and Accurate Data
  • Visualize Data Supply Chain Quality and Process Flow Distribution Transparency 



  • Simplification – Start with Business Case
  • Alignment to Meaning – Define Metadata
  • In-stream Data Quality – Fit-for-purpose
  • Implementation – Connect your Data


22 августа 2018

Powerful: You own and control the business process end-to-end without involving IT.


22 августа 2018

Simple: You define the rules in a plain English expressions without technical coding.


22 августа 2018

Affordable: You pay only for utilized cloud resources to perform your work.

Data Information Architecture



Primary Features of the Platform:

  • Reconciliation of complex Environments with Authorized Data Domains for Critical Data Elements. 


  • Alignment to Meaning through Business and Technical Ontology of Single Source of Truth Attributes.


  • Proactive Data Quality Engine for Fit-for-purpose Data without Reconciliation or Transformation. 


  • Multi-Tenanted Data Aggregation Service supporting reliable Data Supply Chain in a timely manner.


  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for governing Regulatory Data Lake Curation.


  • Near real-rime Executive KPI Reporting tailored to the needs and entitlements of Data Stewards.



Control Data Environment

  • Change Management for Critical Data Elements
  • Data Assembly Policy and Process Collaboration
  • Data Quality as a Service for Legacy Data Refinery
  • Full Compliance with IT Governance and Security
  • Viable Strategy to replace antiquated MDM Systems